About us?

We are a Uruguayan company devoted to the promotion of B2B (business to business) foreign trade, throughout Latin America and with the rest of the world through the broadest spectrum of digital tools. We understand the importance of strengthening ties in different markets and being connected in order to find and optimize business opportunities.
That is why we study each context and advise ourselves with the most relevant actors so as to identify the critical keys of a successful negotiation.

Our mission: To offer a comprehensive service to support the internationalization and commercialization of export companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, through online and offline tools, following the trend of international growth of electronic commerce. Furthermore, we take into consideration and aim to respect the transition times of the companies and the specific characteristics of the Latin American and Central American businessman.

Our vision: Create a wide network of services and a commercial channel in Latin America and the Caribbean that allows all the actors involved in foreign trade to interact in the most convenient way; strengthening the block in the world market, shortening distances and minimizing costs by effective use of new technologies.

Our values: a) Innovation: we innovate with the aim of improving the internationalization of the regional exportable offer; uniting the markets of supply and demand through digital tools. b) Glocalization: we facilitate the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean into the global dynamics of e-commerce; respecting the particularities of the region that make it unique. c) Synergy: we are firmly convinced that collaboration, joint work and mutual trust; represent the only way to increase opportunities and to establish lasting business relationships.



We offer our e-commerce platform to buy and sell products. Without commissions, acquiring an annual membership, you can optimize your sales channels by managing a profile from which users can see your catalog and all its available offer. The buyers, in turn, have technical advice from our team to carry out personalized and highly specialized searches in order to connect with specific suppliers. See more...


Thanks to a deep knowledge of each environment, we organize a series of customized meetings with entrepreneurs in the market and area of interest, with whom you can investigate the potential of a new environment and access to greater opportunities for growth. These meetings are organized according to the needs and resources of each client, who contracts and agrees with Oferta Exportable a personalized and customized package. The virtual tools allow all the meetings that the client considers necessary to identify and take advantage of opportunities, without time limits or extension in the duration of appointments. Read more...


We organize spaces to share different import and export opportunities. The flexibility of the digital environment allows a greater return on investment and a greater capacity to publicize the event, so that virtual fairs have a more segmented audience, in an attractive design that facilitates the visitors' experience, allowing the products to be exhibited internationally, while saving costs and travel times. Our virtual fairs may be used independently or as a complement to traditional fairs, making it a more accessible option to be present at important events. Read more...

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